Safe-Speed System Analysis

The Stroud Trial
A lot of work has been undertaken by a number of different parties since we meet in your office at the end of last year and first discussed this project.

The Stroud trial went live at the end of February after substantial technical R&D by both the UK hardware manufacturer (MAV Systems) and ourselves (OIA).

We have since produced several improved versions of the software based on feedback from the Police and Parish Councils as we strive to make the system as effective as possible. I believe that we now have a unique tool that can be used not only to identify habitual speeding drivers putting communities at risk but also to monitor the impact of speed reduction measures on both the individual and the road users as a whole.

We have also adapted some of the website to be suitable for real-time use on mobile Police tablets. Consequently officers can both identify offences as they happen and bring up instant speed behaviour summary for individual vehicles that a Police officer may have pulled over. (Example screen image attached).

I have attached a spreadsheet with some of the improvements we have seen in speed reduction since the trial began.

Safe Speed Analysis
9.66% increase in law abiding safe speed drivers
31.78% reduction in ‘accidental’ offenders
31.48% reduction in high speed (likely to cause serious injury) offenders
34.47% reduction in high speed (likely to cause death of pedestrian) offenders
68.63% reduction in most serious offenders (> 50MPH)

On the basis of the information we have from this one camera I am confident that their wider deployment will lead to a significant reduction in speed and consequently a reduction in both deaths and injuries from accidents.
As you are probably aware this trial has been conducted with a manual follow up to identify registered owners and to contact them by mail, phone and in person to induce a change in driving behaviour.

In the same way the Police does not have resources to achieve the sort of 24 hour monitoring, we have been able to provide the Police with, they also do not have the resources to manually produce these letters on a larger scale. We have attempted to find a way to do this directly but as you will see from the email response attached (at the bottom of this email) the DVLA are clearly stating that the existing Police lookup facility should be used for this purpose.

Thankfully this should be a quick and easy task for us to provide data in whatever format is required and to automate this process once the details of the interface are understood.