What is the purpose of the Safe-Speed System?

The Safe-Speed System has been designed and developed to support local communities in reducing the speed of commuters and thereby, increasing the safety of their residents. This is multi-layered system which ensures immediate driving response through the presence of the system, the identification of continually speeding vehicles for retrospective action and enabling the evaluation of potential road safety improvements through junction control, speed reduction procedures and much more.

What is included in the system?

The System includes:

Market leading Intelligent ANPR Cameras which consistently identify the licence plates of vehicles to support the identification of speeding motorists.

High quality radar unit which provides high levels of accuracy for the speed of each vehicle which passes through it’s field of view.

Bespoke software that takes all the information that is provided by the combination of ANPR camera and radar unit and provides analytical tools to clearly identify vehicles which are breaking the speed limit. The software allows for tracking of offenders over chosen time frames as well as the evaluation of traffic patterns and driver behaviours. This ensures that the system can identify offenders but also evaluate improvements after use.

How easy is the system to use?

The system portal is a bespoke portal easily accessible on the internet with a unique username and password provided to nominated system users specified by each community. Full training is provided in the use of the software and technical support is available for questions regarding the system technology. The system itself with be configured in line with the requirements of each community and examples will be provided as to how to generate reports and statistics in line with the objectives of the project. The Safe-Speed team will always be on hand to provide support and guidance.

How much does it cost?

There are a range of pricing options for the system which have been developed in line with the different needs we have been made aware of by various communities. These include short and long term projects as well as opportunities for full purchase, lease or rental. We are always open to discussing the needs of every community and will do what we can to find the right solution and the right pricing structure.

How do I find out more?

There is a depth of information regarding the system on this website but if you would prefer to talk to someone about the Safe-Speed system then please complete our enquiry form, otherwise we welcome your call on 0333 121 0022 or email on enquiries@safe-speed.com

How is the system used?

Whilst the presence of the system itself will inevitably lead to a reduction in speed by commuters, in other communities, local police have supported the system and have used evidence provided by the system to contact offending drivers. This has led to further reductions in the number of speeding motorists but this not the only use of the system. Due to the analysis and evaluation tools, local police and road safety partnerships are able to identify controls and solutions that can be adopted in communities to further increase safety including; junction controls, traffic lights, crossings etc.

Why should we consider this system?

Unfortunately schemes such as community watch and speed watch have been unsuccessful in generating lasting results in reducing the number of speeding motorists. This system provides a way to evidence the number of speeding vehicles which can lead to action being taken against them. Additionally the system uses leading technology which automates almost all of the process ensuring no-one is expected to stand out on the streets for hours on end. There are huge benefits to communities using this system and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about them.

Does it work?

This system has been tested on location to ensure that it works in real-life situations. The results from the tests have seen a decline in the number of speeding vehicles as well as the reduction of speed in general as an average of all traffic analysed. Details as to the specific results of the test system are available upon request.

Can we see a demo?

We would welcome the opportunity of showing the system in action and how it works. We have set up a demo site where all visible data is encrypted and images are obscured. Data protection is of paramount importance but by encrypting the data we can provide you with a clear system demonstration.